You will not find the perfect relationship based on what you want, you will find the perfect relationship based on who you are. That's a good start. From there you will discover what has gotten in your way on the road to intimate love partnership.

Athens Georgia Workshops Finding the Difficult OtherAll relationships present a challenge at one time or another. Intimate love relationships are the most challenging because it is fraught with unconscious dynamics that are more concentrated in this type of relationship than in any other. I had a teacher explain to me that these unique relationships are like cruising along in a boat. You notice the landscape, the ripples on the water's surface, and the reflection of the sun on the water. You look all around you and yet you are missing the most vital part of the boat trip... that which is going on underneath the boat. It's like that... So plunge in and start looking at the underpinnings of your intimate love relationships.

You will come to understand the negative forces that have played themselves out in your relationships, face your fears and heal those old wounds. You will be given tools and a new understanding necessary to grow personally first, and then as a partner... as will your newly found love. It's a win/win.

Cost: $45
Location: 1 Huntington Road, Suite 803, Athens, GA 30606
Our workshops are almost weekly so contact us for dates and times.

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Finding the Difficult Other Workshop