Individual Counseling

Why's of Counseling

At a time when mindful (conscious) living is crucial to the survival of the planet and to all its sentient beings, it is essential that we heal the wounds of low self-esteem that inhibit our ability to bring our authentic self to our marriage, family, business partnerships, our parenting and all our relationships not the least of which is the relationship we have with ourselves.

When entering the counselor/client relationship you will have the opportunity to develop strong self-esteem, experience joy and safety in all relationships, learn effective communication and learn how to deal with anger productively.

Athens Georgia Individual counselingWhen you are feeling that life is out of control or feel intolerably sad it is time to reach out. It is time to move forward with a counselor to help you stay on the right road for you, your own path, track, country lane or where ever your journey has brought you.

It isn't easy to get past the impediments to a joyful life experience and it is important for you to know that you don't have to go it alone. You can spend time with Counselor Marianne being really heard in a safe, non-judgmental environment. You can brainstorm solutions and be supported as you take steps to bring about change in all aspects of your life; your intimate relationships, business partnerships, friends, in parenting and again, at the end of the day, in relationship with yourself.

When you are ready to stop grieving, raging, suffering, failing, fearing and dying inside, make the call. When you are ready to come alive and need the guidance of a trained, professional counselor, make the call. All it takes is one phone call... just make the call. I can help, it’s what I do.