Meet Marianne Harms

Marianne Harms, LCSW/CSW         

Marianne Harms at the Center for Personal ReflectionI am a Pennsylvania licensed clinical social worker in private practice for over 30 years and hold a Master's Degree in Social Work, advanced certification in Imago Relationship Therapy, certification in Spiritual Direction and advanced certification in Hypnotherapy.

Prior to my dedication as a therapist, I was a licensed aesthetician and make-up artist for 20 years working predominantly with survivors of facial trauma and with those who entered voluntary, unnecessary surgery in a quest to remain young forever, the pursuit done in vain. My studio was in the Bay Area just south of San Francisco. Referrals came from Stanford University Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and from word of mouth, no internet. The door was opened and the people came in with their agony.

Regardless of the cause of the facial trauma, when the face looking back at you in the mirror isn't the one you've recognized all your life, the wound goes deep, deeper than skin level. It was this realization of the soul level depth of wounding that brought me to becoming a therapist at 50 years of age.

On attaining my LCSW certification, I began seeing couples and individuals who came to me to deal with the deeper wounds. Perhaps, there were no visible scars but the inner pain was abysmal. Depression, anxiety, anger, and the many self-destructive behaviors that impeded life's joy needed to be address. That was what I did...

In April of 2021, I moved to Georgia from Sonoma California where I offered couple retreats, workshops, and individual counseling, all-the-while maintaining the gardens and chickens that also brought me joy. I chose Georgia in order to be closer to my son and to slow down a bit, but just a bit; I'm not done!

I have published two books; A Strategy for Success on which I have designed my workshop by that name, and Personal Reflections; Musings on Life and Love. I'm working on my third book, Silent Screams. It's in the making.

I am a mother of two adult sons, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren. I've suffered divorce, financial fiascos, illness and fear, all of which have been my greatest teachers and ultimately my strengths.

Today, I do the work... let go of the outcome. It's always better than I had imagined.