Relationship Counseling

Do you have the relationship of your dreams?

Do you have

the relationship

of your dreams?


You know you've met your soul-mate when...

  • You can't imagine life without him/her!
  • You suddenly feel whole when you're together!
  • You feel as if you've known each other all your live. Then...

You know you're in the power struggle when...

  • You begin to feel invisible!
  • You don't feel heard!
  • You feel abandoned...
  • You feel overwhelmed and used! Thus...

You know your partner holds the key when...

  • You learn to speak your words so they can be heard!
  • You learn to really listen!
  • You learn to honor differences.
  • You learn that your past wounds begin to heal.

Relationship Counseling Athens GeorgiaWhen we fall in love we experience feelings of attraction, attachment, and hope. These feeling diminish as time goes on and couples begin to find themselves in a power struggle where those early on feelings turn into disillusionment, frustration, fear, anger and impasse. This transition from hope to despair is not uncommon and it is part of the dynamics of most intimate love relationships.

When couples don't understand the underpinnings of these dynamics, marriage often ends in divorce and couples often just split... often, over and over again. Thorough the work of Imago Relationship Counseling, the power struggle can be transformed into a deeper and more abiding love relationship, can provide an opportunity for partners to reach a higher self, and feelings of friendship, passion, and mutual cooperation become the foundation of the relationship.

Relationship Coaching in Athens GeorgiaCouples at all stages of relationship benefit from doing this powerful work and are better equipped to meet the demands of relationship. Just dating, engaged, and even couples on the brink of divorce can experience the fullness of all that coupledom has to offer. It's a win/win!

Long-term love relationships aren't for the faint hearted. It is only when partners are willing to stand in the fire with shared integrity, honor and respect for self and partner can the union become abiding love.

It isn't easy. It is the only way to be. Just do the work!

Relationships are forever when...
            ... You learn effective communication skills!
            ... You understand the dynamics of relationship!
            ... You learn how to bring safety into your relationship

This workshop is designed to guide couples towards a lasting and fulfilling relationship and support single people in developing healthy new relationships.

Participants will gain insights into what it is that is getting in the way of experiencing the satisfaction and learn to use new tools to achieve success.