More than ever before in the history of civilization, people are lost in a disconnected world.

Athens Georgia Workshops for Self ImprovementImpersonal machines have robbed us of the greatest need of all... connection... connection with sentient beings; alive, feeling, perceptive beings. How often do you receive this message on your hand-held device; "You have reached 707-343-7285, Please leave a message". No name, just a number. How often is your paycheck spent leaving you with little else than an almost forgotten taste of a fleetingly satisfying new acquisition. How often do you go to your computer or phone to read a "text" from a friend or family member typed on a cold screen that offers no smile, no tone, and no warmth. Did you ever try to kiss or hug your screen??. When did you last use actual money, placing it from your hand into another's as an exchange of energy. How often does the technology create a sense of urgency. How often does jetting to a vacation to a distant land leave you even more tired than before you left, with 1000 photos on your iPhone and little memory of the moment.

It is time to get reconnected to the deeper meaning of life, the universal experience of oneness in an alienated society, a return to the soul level of living on planet Earth.

Spirituality in everyday living offers everyone an opportunity to slow down, put the electronics behind and return to the center of our human being-ness. It is there that we recognize small miracles, wonders and awe, as well as experiencing abiding peace and satisfaction. It is then that we can listen to the whispers of life's many messengers and the wisdom they bring.

You are invited to explore the spirituality of everyday and you will have the opportunity to incorporate supportive practices on the journey. You will have your own workbook to help guide you through the maze on your way to living deeply... soul matters.

Cost: $45
Location: 1 Huntington Road, Suite 803, Athens, GA 30606
Our workshops are almost weekly so contact us for dates and times.

Call Marianne to register or for additional information.