First comes Self-love... Then a Strategy... Then Success

Throughout life we make decisions based on influences to which we are constantly exposed…from early childhood. These influences are sometimes subtle and sometimes fairly obvious. The consequences of decisions we make. based upon influences can be as much to our advantage as to our disadvantage. Influences decisions and consequences: as sequence of power affecting the way we choose to live our life. Three impelling sources of influence that come together to shrewdly weave a fine web into which we unknowingly become caught are the people in our lives, the power of the group and the media.

Athens Georgia Workshops for Successful Life and CareerIt takes great courage to embark upon the journey of the true self. It takes meeting the dark side of ourselves, meeting the dark side of others and bringing our light to that place so we can see what it holds for us, what value lies in the darkness. Change is always difficult and yet it is called for when failures robs us of our value and worth.

The Strategy for Success workshop will help participants to understand the dynamics of mind and to appreciate the human ability to change one's mind... a brain change, if you will. Upon changing one's perspective one's reality also takes on a new outlook. One can then start to use personal power to create a healthy self-image... that is, a sense of one's self, who you are and what defines you. A strong sense of self-image radiates, projects and then elicits positive responses from those around us thus reinforcing well-being in mind, body and spirit.

From a place of strength participants create a plan of action by assessing a goal and following a well-documented strategy. The workbook provided offers an opportunity for self analysis, and evaluation of personal values, a year-at-a-time planner, a step by step strategy, an goal progress review, and finally, an acknowledgement of success.

This revitalizing opportunity to create a strategy to achieve your goals and aspirations is just a step away. When taking the time and bringing forth the courage to look at what has gotten in the way of success we can bring about entirely divergent results. It's just a step away when you are ready to take it. I'm can help, it's what I do.

Cost: $45
Location: 1 Huntington Road, Suite 803, Athens, GA 30606
Our workshops are almost weekly so contact us for dates and times.

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