The Wisdom of An Elder is designed to offer seniors a deeper understanding of the opportunities of aging so that life is lived to its fullest with an open accessible heart and mind, regardless of the circumstances that may be incurred along the way. All stages of life present us with challenges. How we have met and how we meet those challenges determines our success or failure at fulfilling our goals, aspiration and dreams.

Athens Georgia Workshops for Successful Life and CareerAging is indeed challenging in its own way and it requires our strongest inner core to come forward in order to help us thrive during this final life stage. Strength and grit come from the years of overcoming adversity. It also comes from the realization, regardless of pain, fear and failure in the past, we were born to thrive and with support and guidance the third phase of life can be rich in discovery and satisfaction.

The elder years are a time of great opportunity for spiritual, emotional and psychological growth. The seniors of today are yearning to engage in dialogue together on these issues. Seniors are seeking guidance, connection and community in order to move fear and limitation to an expansive opportunity for touching others with their wisdom, compassion and fortitude that has been gleaned over the years of living life to its fullest.

The Wisdom of An Elder is a three-hour workshop presented through the Center for Personal Reflection. To reserve a workshop for your organization or community and to discuss your needs and circumstances you need only to phone us at the Center. Once scheduled, you can just sit back and relax. We're here to help, it's what we do.

Cost: $45
Location: 1 Huntington Road, Suite 803, Athens, GA 30606
Our workshops are almost weekly so contact us for dates and times.

Call Marianne to register or for additional information.

Athens Georgia Workshops for Successful Life and Career